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Bitcastle aims to help people who would like to trade cryptocurrencies, but due to lack of experience or skills do not know where to start. Bitcastle is also aimed at helping successful traders who do not have large portfolios of assets. We will carefully select strong crypto traders to give them this opportunity. Bitcastle will allow you to earn daily income from the ever-growing Trading Capital.

A diversified portfolio of investments distributes the risks of our clients throughout the life of deposits and has an increased safety cushion in the form of a reserve Fund and assets.

Unlike other platforms, Bitcastle will provide a wide range of flexible investment plans, giving you easy and quick access to your funds. Market volatility means you need to have quick and quick access to your funds – so our minimum plan will only have a 24 hour capital lockout period.




Company address: 2 Beach House, 77 Philbeach Gardens, London, England.

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Officially registered company

BTC CAPITAL LIMITED - this European company is an investment company which is engaged in trade in the cryptocurrency market. The company is registered in the UK, the company's office is located at - 2 Beach House, 77 Philbeach Gardens, London, England.

Thanks to a successful marketing strategy, our company is constantly growing and expanding. Investing with us you will get a steady and reasonable income with minimal risks.

We are not innovators in the market, our team is a well-established single organism that can survive in the modern world, and we know where you can earn and how much. All this thanks to many years of experience, each member of the team is a professional in their field. We do not promise sky-high profits, but we guarantee a stable income and growth of your start-up capital. Thank you for Your trust.

With respect - Bitcastle.


BitCastle is an officially registered company in the UK. Working in the investment market, we have achieved significant success, our experts distinguish and they invest only in the most promising cryptocurrencies for our opinion, which will be a trend in the market. All you have to do is sign up and create a Deposit. Increase your capital with the BitCastle team.

Register. It will take 1 minute. After registration you will receive:
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Replenish your balance and withdraw money in any convenient way:
Our platform is available in any browser and on mobile devices:
  • $ 5 Minimum contribution
  • 75%-89%Stable profit from each transaction
  • 24/7Constant customer support
  • $ 1 Minimum withdrawal amount
  • 0.0%Withdrawal fee