Become a representative

In addition to our partner program STANDARD and VIP PROGRAM, we offer the opportunity to any partner to become a representative of the company.

Become a representative of the company and get more new partners, you understand this is a completely different level of leader and other checks of your income. If you want to become a representative of our company and reach a new level, you can apply and get the status of a representative.

Representative rank - as an opportunity to have a higher referral reward, is provided automatically when the partner meets the following conditions:

1. Knowledge of investment activities of the company and the technical part of the site.

2. Ability to explain to your partners the main points of interaction with the company in case of such a need.

3. Personal total active Deposit of more than $ 100 on any plan.

4. After fulfilling the first 3 conditions, you must make an application for status.

After opening the status of a Representative to the partner, his / her contact details are posted on the website for the entire period of his / her participation in the project.

ПThe representative receives targeted traffic from visits to the site by partners from all over the world and an increased 15 - level referral program - VIP PROGRAM.

The corresponding changes in your personal account regarding the amount of your referral fee will be made within 24 hours after the submission of the application, in the direction of increasing the percentage of referral fee according to the terms of the Representative program described above.

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BitCastle is an officially registered company in the UK. Working in the investment market, we have achieved significant success, our experts distinguish and they invest only in the most promising cryptocurrencies for our opinion, which will be a trend in the market. All you have to do is sign up and create a Deposit. Increase your capital with the BitCastle team.

Register. It will take 1 minute. After registration you will receive:
  • All investment
    tools of the project
  • Participation in the affiliate
  • Customer support
Replenish your balance and withdraw money in any convenient way:
Our platform is available in any browser and on mobile devices:
  • $ 5 Minimum contribution
  • 75%-89%Stable profit from each transaction
  • 24/7Constant customer support
  • $ 1 Minimum withdrawal amount
  • 0.0%Withdrawal fee